United King has achieved fame, respect, appreciation and worth-while credit in a limited period of time. Our aim is to make delicious, hygienic and healthy food that contributes to positive health. We have over 250 varieties of Sweets, Nimco, Cakes, Fast Food, Ice Cream etc., all available under one roof United King offers the finest selection of baked products in Pakistan. We offer the widest and most exclusive variety of cakes, traditional sweets, nimco and delicious fast food items. We welcome you to United King Online. Our online store caters to all your needs. You will find the same wonderful items you have always enjoyed in the past. Our products continue to be made with the same attention to quality and detail as they have been for the last 21 years

Our History: We established United Sweets Bakers Nimco in 1984 at Karimabad Karachi which is a parent firm of United King. In the subsequent years, the firm has sustained consistent annual growth with a product line that has grown to include hundreds of items. In 1998 due to increased demand from all over the city, we decided to set up another shop in Bahadurabad by the name of United King. This name change was due to the uniqueness, which United King wanted to maintain in the industry, and was unable to do so because of its name being used throughout the city. Since then, our consumer base has grown tremendously and in order to keep up with the consumerís growing needs, we plan on expanding further this year, and are opening a new United King Store on main Rashid Minhas Road in Gulshan-e-Iqbal very soon.

Our People: We owe all of our success to our loyal customers and our hardworking employees. We are what we are due to the immense hard work put in by our employees. We train our employees on a regular basis and hold in-house workshops and training programs to develop our workforce effectively and efficiently. Our competent staff is dedicated and hardworking, helping us carve a niche for ourselves in the market.

ISO Certification: We are ISO 9001:2000 certified which assures that our products are produced by meeting well-defined standards of quality and consistency

Quality Policy: We the United King's Management and Staff are Committed to satisfy the expectations of our valuable customers by providing the quality wholesome Sweets, Cakes, Nimco, Fast Food, Dairy and Bakers Products in an excellent hygienic condition. We are motivated to develop ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System a culture of continual improvement. Superior-quality and on-time delivery is our primary goal.
Cheese Cake
Cake Blueberry Cheese Rs.650
Cake Coffee Toffee Cheese Rs.650
Cake New York Cheese Rs.650
Cake Peach & Orange Cheese Rs.650
Cake Strawberry Cheese Rs.650
Dry Cakes
Cake Dollar Rs.12
Cupcake Vanilla 1 Pc Rs.13.50
Cupcake Chocolate 1pc Rs.15
Cupcake Coffee 1 Pc Rs.15
Cake Almond. Rs.15
Muffins Chocolate Rs.17
Muffins Vanilla Rs.17
Pound Cake Mini Rs.27
Fruit Pound Cake Mini Rs.30
Cake Chocolate Marble 100 Gms Rs.38
Cake Coconut Marconi 100 Gms Rs.41
Pound Cake Small Rs.65
Fruit Pound Cake Small Rs.72
Cake Chocolate Marble 200 Gms Rs.76
Cupcake Vanilla 6 Pcs Pack Rs.80
Cake Coconut Marconi 200 Gms. Rs.82
Cupcake Chocolate 6 Pcs Pack Rs.90
Cupcake Coffee 6 Pcs Pack Rs.90
Cake Chocolate Marble Small Pack Rs.90
Pound Cake Large Rs.115
Fruit Pound Cake Large Rs.130
Cake Chocolate Marble Large Pack Rs.160
Cake Coconut Marconi 400 Gms. Rs.168
Pound Cake 1 Kg Rs.270
Fruit Pound Cake 1 Kg Rs.300
Brownies Rs.380
Cake Chocolate Marble Rs.380
Cake Cheese Rs.380
Cake Marmalade Rs.380
Cake Coconut Macaroni Rs.410
Cake Almond Rs.430
Cake Almond Macaroni Rs.430
Cake Mix Dry Fruit Rs.440
Cake Rich Plum Rs.550
Fresh Cream Cakes
Cake American Trifle Rs.510
Cake Pineapple Rs.510
Cake Tutti Fruity Rs.510
Cake Cadbury Chocolate Rs.520
Cake Mango Fresh Rs.530
Cake Black Bottom Rs.540
Cake Chocolate Milk Fai Rs.540
Cake Pineapple Gateau Rs.540
Cake Super Coffee Rs.540
Cake Pineapple Sugar Free Rs.550
Cake Hungarian Rs.560
Cake Marshmallow Rs.560
Cake Black Forest Rs.575
Cake Chocolate Chips Rs.575
Cake Chocolate Fudge Rs.575
Cake Chocolate Opera For Order Rs.575
Cake Strawberry Rs.575
Cake Banana Rs.575
Cake Coffee Caramel Rs.575
Cake Oreo Rs.575
American Black Forest Rs.575
Cake Shape Rs.645
Cake Chocolate Caramel Rs.650
Cake Photo Rs.710
Mousse Cakes
Cake Chocolate Mousse Rs.650
Cake Death By Chocolate Rs.650
Cake Mocha Java Rs.650
Cake Chocolate World Class Mousse Rs.650
Cake Double Chocolate Moose Rs.650
Cake Chocolate Imagistic Rs.650
Cake Tiramisu Rs.650
Cake Carrot Rs.650


Jo Jo Sweets Rs.30/Pc
Mazi Pan. Rs.35/Pc
Sheera - Gulab Jamun Rs.120/Kg
Baloo Shahi Rs.400/Kg
Burfee Plain Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Kheer Mohan Pink Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Kheer Mohan Yellow Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Pakistani Rs.400/Kg
Halwa Loki Rs.400/Kg
Laddo Baison Rs.400/Kg
Malai Giree Rs.400/Kg
Mix Sweets Rs.400/Kg
Pan Paira Burfee Rs.400/Kg
Paira Mikly Rs.400/Kg
Pairay Badayun Rs.400/Kg
Pairay Zafrani Rs.400/Kg
Patisa Milky Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Coffee Crunch Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Loki Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Plain Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Coconut Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Mango Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Rainbow Rs.400/Kg
Roll Chocolaty Rs.400/Kg
Roll Pineapple Rs.400/Kg
Khopra Pak Rs.400/Kg
Laddo Mava Rs.400/Kg
Laddo Moti Choor Rs.400/Kg
Makkhan Bara Rs.400/Kg
Malai Khaja Rs.400/Kg
Mava Puff Rs.400/Kg
Patisa Bombay Rs.400/Kg
Patisa Paltawa Rs.400/Kg
Patisa Phool Rs.400/Kg
Patisa Plain Rs.400/Kg
Qalaqand Golden Rs.400/Kg
Roll Almond Rs.424/Kg
Roll Pista Rs.424/Kg
Gulab Jamun Suger Free Rs.424/Kg
Kanghan Puff Rs.424/Kg
Kacha Gulla Rs.430/Kg
Sandase Rs.430/Kg
Burfee Coffee Crunch Rs.440/Kg
Shahi Mava Rs.440/Kg
Soghat Burfee Rs.440/Kg
Eggs Messu Rs.450/Kg
Panjeeri Dessi Ghee Rs.460/Kg
Fruity Qalaqand Rs.460/Kg
Mix Sweets Special Rs.480/Kg
Pinapple Pista Crunch Rs.500/Kg
Chocolate Cherry Qalaqand Rs.500/Kg
Injeer Delight Rs.840/Kg
Kajoo Katli Sweets Rs.840/Kg
Kajoo Katli Zafrani Rs.840/Kg
Arabic Sweets
Baklawa Basoosa Rs.480/Kg
Turamba Rs.480/Kg
Baklawa Almond Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Chocolate Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Kajoo Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Khajoor Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Mix Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Mix Special Foil Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Peanut Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Pheny Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Pista Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Special Coconut Rs.500/Kg
Baklawa Walnut Rs.500/Kg
Bangali Sweets
Cham Cham Dhaka Brown Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Dhaka Brown Small Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Dhaka White 400/Kg
Cham Cham Dhaka White Small Rs.400/Kg
Cham Cham Moti Rs.400/Kg
Gulab Jamun Black Rs.400/Kg
Gulab Jamun Brown Rs.400/Kg
Gulab Jamun Brown Small Rs.400/Kg
Chum Chum Malai Rs.400/Kg
Halwa Gajer Rs.400/Kg
Halwa Karachi Rs.400/Kg
Halwa Hubshi Rs.480/Kg
Halwa Mix Dry Fruit Rs.480/Kg
Halwa Akhroti Sohan Rs.500/Kg
Halwa Badam Pak Rs.500/Kg
Halwa Hubshi Akhroti Rs.500/Kg
Halwa Pista Pak Rs.500/Kg
Halwa Sohan Rs.500/Kg
Halwa Kajoo Pak Rs.560/Kg
Mix Halwa Jaat Rs.660/Kg
Halwa Khajoor Pak Rs.740/Kg
Halwa Injeer Pak Rs.800/Kg
Sweets Giftpack
Pheni Banaspati 200gms Rs.44/Pc
Gift Pack Khajla Banaspati 200 Gms Rs.65/Pc
Gift Pack Sohan Papdi 125gm Rs.70/Pc
Pheni Desi Ghee  200gms Rs.76/Pc
Khajla Gift Pack. Rs.95/Pc
Gift Pack 3 In 1 Meetha+namkeen Rs.97/Pc
Pheni Banaspati Gift Pack 400gms Rs.105/Pc
Gift Pack Soan Papdi 250gms E Rs.130/Pc
Gift Pack Soan Papdi 250gms Rs.130/Pc
Gift Pack Sohan Halwa Akhroti 250 Gms Rs.135/Pc
Pheni Dessi Ghee Gift Pack 400gms Rs.170/Pc
Gift Pack Baklawa 300gms Rs.188/Pc
Gift Pack Almond Patisa Rs.230/Pc
Gift Pack Soan Papdi 500 Gms Rs.240/Pc
Gift Pack Soan Papdi 500 Gms E Rs.240/Pc
Gift Pack Messu Egg Rs.255/Pc
Gift Pack Mix Sweets Rs.260/Pc
Gift Pack Sohan Halwa Akhroti 500gms Rs.265/Pc
Gift Pack Hubshi Halwa 500gms Rs.270/Pc
Gift Pack Mix Dry Fruit 500gms Rs.270/Pc
Gift Pack Sohan Halwa 500 Gms Rs.280/Pc
Gift Pack Badam Pak Rs.285/Pc
Gift Pack Pista Pak Rs.285/Pc
Gift Pack Baklawa 500gms Rs.300/Pc
Gift Pack Mix Baklawa 500 Gms Rs.300/Pc
Gift Pack Soghat 500gms Rs.350/Pc
Gift Pack Sohan Halwa Akhroti 1 Kg Rs.534/Pc
Tin Pack Sweets
Tin Pack Halwa Karachi 400gms Rs.194/Pc
Tin Pack Cham Cham Dhaka Brown 500gms Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Cham Cham Dhaka White 500gms Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Cham Cham White Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Gulab Jamun Black 500gms Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Gulab Jamun Brown 500gms Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Rusgulla Bangali 500gms Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Chum Chum Rs.210/Pc
Tin Pack Halwa Hubshi 400gms Rs.223/Pc
Tin Pack Halwa Sohan 400gms Rs.232/Pc
Tin Pack Kala Jamun 1000gms Rs.420/Pc
Tin Pack Bangali Chum Chum 1000gms Rs.420/Pc
Tin Pack Chum Chum 1000gms Rs.420/Pc
Tin Pack Gulab Jamun 1000gms Rs.420/Pc
Tin Pack Rusgulla Bangali 1 Kg Rs.420/Pc


Fast Food
Bread Pizza Rs.45
Bread Roll Chicken Stick Large Rs.58
Beef Stick Fried Rs.26
Beef Stick Unfried Rs.25
Bread Roll Chicken Stick Small Rs.30
Chargha Full Rs.350
Chargha Quarter Rs.90
Cheese Croissant Rs.32
Chicken Chees Pie Rs.35
Chicken Pastry Rs.30
Chicken Pie Rs.28
Chicken Shashilick Stick Fried Rs.32
Chicken Shashilick Stick Unfried Rs.31
Chicken Shashlik Stick Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.372
Chicken Stick Fried Rs.32
Chicken Stick Unfried Rs.31
Chicken Stick Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.372
Chicken Wings Rs.22
Chillos Rs.25
Chillos Unfried Rs.24
Chillos Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.288
Croissant Chicken Mini Rs.28
Dahi Bare Rs.200
Dahi Bare 1/2 Kg Rs.100
Drum Stick Fried Rs.50
Drum Stick Unfried For Order Rs.48.66
Fish & Chips Rs.350
Fish Stick Rs.30
Fish Stick Unfried Rs.28
Hunter Beef Rs.600
Pakore Mix Kg Rs.220
Pizza Tikka Mini Rs.35
Pizza Tikka Regular Rs.50
Burger Chicken Shashilick Rs.58
Burger Chicken Shashlik Mini Rs.30
Burger Chicken Stick Rs.58
Burger Chicken Stick Mini Rs.30
Burger Shami Chicken Rs.55
Burger Shami Chicken Mini Rs.25
Burger Shami( Beef ) Rs.45
Samosa Chicken Fried Rs.13
Samosa Chicken Manda Fried Rs.10
Samosa Chicken Manda Unfried Rs.9.5
Samosa Chicken Unfried Rs.12.50
Samosa Chicken Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.150
Samosa Chicken Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.75
Samosa Chineese Fried Rs.11
Samosa Chineese Unfried Rs.10.50
Samosa Chinesse Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.126
Samosa Chinesse Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.63
Samosa Mutton Fried Rs.13
Samosa Mutton Unfried Rs.12.5
Samosa Mutton Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.150
Samosa Mutton Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.75
Samosa Potato Fried Rs.10
Samosa Potato Unfried Rs.9.5
Samosa Potato Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.114
Samosa Potato Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.57
Samosa Qeema Fried Rs.11
Samosa Qeema Unfried Rs.10.66
Samosa Qeema Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.128
Samosa Qeema Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.64
One Bite Vegetable Samosa Rs.6
One Bite Vegetable Samosa Unfried Rs.5.50
Roll Chicken Crumb Fried Rs.32
Roll Chicken Fried Rs.16
Roll Chicken Spring Rs.32
Roll Chicken Unfried Rs.15.33
Roll Chicken Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.184
Roll Chicken Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.92
Roll Chicken Vegetable Rs.16
Roll Chineese Fried Rs.20
Roll Chineese Unfried Rs.19
Roll Chinese Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.228
Roll Vegetable Fried Rs.12
Roll Vegetable Unfried Rs.11.5
Roll Vegetable Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.138
Kaloonji Roll Rs.32
Chicken Cheese Roll Rs.32
Sandwich Beef Pepperoni Cold Rs.110
Sandwich Chicken Fajita Cold Rs.110
Sandwich Chicken Plain Rs.32
Sandwich Chicken Tikka Cold Rs.110
Sandwich Chicken Tikka Plain Rs.40
Sandwich Chicken Tikka Special Rs.60
Sandwich Chicken Vegetable Special Rs.60
Sandwich Close Rs.28
Sandwich Club Plain Rs.32
Sandwich Hunter Beef Plain Rs.28
Sandwich Special Chicken Rs.60
Sandwich Special Club Rs.60
Sandwich Special Hunter Beef Rs.60
Sandwich Vegetable Plain Rs.30
Kabab Beef Shami Fried Rs.20
Kabab Beef Shami Unfried Rs.19
Kabab Beef Shami Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.228
Kabab Chicken Shami Fried Rs.32
Kabab Chicken Shami Unfired Rs.31
Kabab Chicken Shami Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.372
Chapli Kabab Rs.20
Chapli Kabab Unfried Rs.19
Chapli Kabab Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.228
Beef Cutlus Rs.14
Beef Cutlus Unfried Rs.13.33
Beef Cutlus Unfried 12 Pcs Rs.160
Beef Cutlus Unfried 6 Pcs Rs.80
Chicken Cutlet Rs.20
Chicken Cutlet Unfried Rs.19
Chicken Cutlus Unfried Pack 12 Pcs Rs.384
Tandoori Bakra For Order Rs.700
Tandoori Chicken For Order Rs.350
Tandoori Raan For Order Rs.370
Tarkari Aalo For Order Rs.120
Making Charges Hunter Rs.200
Making Charges Hunter Beef Rs.180
Tarkari Chana For Order Rs.150
Pepsi 300 Ml Rs.25
Chicken Hunter For Order Rs.600
Manda Roll Pack 500gms Rs.60
Manda Samosa Pack500gms Rs.60
Baking Charges Bakra Rs.200
Baking Charges Raan Rs.200
Cheese Ball Plain 50gms Rs.22
Cheese Ball Spicy 50g Rs.22
Paper Bag Empty Rs.30
Chewra Khat Mittha 200gms Rs.50
Shakar Paray 200gms Rs.55
Namak Paray 200 Gms Rs.55
Boondi Phulki 160gms Rs.55
Boondi Hot 200gms Rs.55
Dal Chana 200gms Rs.60
Mutter 200gms Rs.60
Seo Bareek 200gms Rs.60
Dal Moth 200gms Rs.60
Chewra Sweet 200gms Rs.60
Chewra Saltish 200gms Rs.60
Chana Kabli 200gms Rs.60
Chana Choor 200 Gms Rs.60
Dahi Bondi Baison 200gms Rs.60
Gathia Bareek 200gms Rs.60
Gathia Papri 200gms Rs.60
Karachi Mix 200 Gms Rs.60
Seo Potato 200gms Rs.60
Lajawab Mix 200gms Rs.60
Dal Seo 200gms Rs.60
Gathia Mota 200gms Rs.60
Chana Irani 200gms Rs.60
Seo Mota 200gms Rs.60
Dahi Phulki Special 150gms Rs.60
Peanuts Leaf 180gms Rs.65
Mix Nimco 200gms Rs.65
Dal Moong 200gms E Rs.65
Badshahi Mix 200gms E Rs.65
Dal Moth Classic 160gms Exp Rs.65
Khat Mitha Mix 200gms Rs.65
Chewra Classic 200 Gms Rs.65
Badshahi Mix 200 Gms Rs.65
Chewra Classic 200 Gms Export Rs.65
Dal Moth Classic 160 Gms Rs.65
Dal Moong 200gms Rs.65
Zeera Puri (200 Gms) Rs.65
Mix Nimco 200 Gms E Rs.65
Peanuts Saltish 200gms Rs.70
Peanuts Baison Coated 200gms Rs.70
Peanuts Spicy 200gms Rs.70
Bhel Puri 200 Gms Rs.70
Khasta Chana 200 Gms Rs.70
Khat Mitha Mix 400 Gms Rs.125
Mix Nimco 400gms Rs.125
Chewra Khat Mittha 400gms Rs.125
Khat Mitha Mix 400gms Rs.125
Mix Nimco 400gms Rs.125
Bhel Puri 400 Gms Rs.140
Namkino Gift (small Pack) Rs.390
Namkino Gift (large Pack) Rs.580
Chips Crinkle Saltish 100gms Rs.35
Chips Crinkle Spicy 100gms Rs.35
Chips Crinkle Black Pepper 100gms Rs.35
Chips Saltish 100gms Rs.35
Chips Spicy 100gms Rs.35
Chips Hyderabadi 125gms Rs.40
Chips Chineese Black Pepper 200g Rs.45
Chips Chilli Milli 160gms Rs.45
Chips Finger Black Pepper 160gms Rs.55
Chips Finger Spicy 160gms Rs.55
Chips Crinkle Saltish 200gms Rs.70
Chips Crinkle Black Pepper 200g Rs.70
Chips Crinkle Spicy 200 Gms Rs.70
Chips Saltish 200gms Rs.70
Chicken Corn Soup   Rs.50
Garlic Bread   Rs.95
Garlic Bread Supreme   Rs.135
Garlic Mushroom   Rs.135
Extra Topping Small Pizza 20 Gms   Rs.40
Extra Topping Medium Pizza 40 Gms   Rs.60
Pizza Special Piece   Rs.90
Extra Topping Large Pizza 60 Gms   Rs.100
Pizza Chicken Tikka Small   Rs.205
Pizza Chicken Fajita Small   Rs.205
Pizza Super Superior Small   Rs.215
Pizza Siciliana Small   Rs.205
Pizza Cheese Small   Rs.210
Pizza Vegetable Small   Rs.205
Pizza Hot N Spicy Small   Rs.205
Small Pizza   Rs.205
Pizza Chicken Tikka Regular   Rs.505
Pizza Chicken Fajita Regular   Rs.505
Pizza Siciliana Regular   Rs.505
Pizza Vegetable Regular   Rs.505
Pizza Hot N Spicy Regular   Rs.505
Regular Pizza   Rs.505
Pizza Cheese Regular   Rs.525
Pizza Super Superior Regular   Rs.555
Pizza Chicken Tikka Large   Rs.725
Pizza Chicken Fajita Large   Rs.725
Pizza Siciliana Large   Rs.725
Pizza Vegetable Large   Rs.725
Pizza Hot N Spicy Large   Rs.725
Large Pizza   Rs.725
Pizza Cheese Large   Rs.755
Pizza Super Superior Large   Rs.775
Serves 1   Rs.215
Serves 2   Rs.665
Serves 3   Rs.795
Serves 4   Rs.1095
Serves 5   Rs.1205
Serves 6   Rs.1755

300 gms 600 gms
Salad Coleslaw Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Pasta Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Russain Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Mint Spaghetti Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Potato Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Red Been (lobia) Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Apple Cabbage Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Bungish Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Mix Rs.115 Rs.225
Salad Sweet Corn Rs.145 Rs.275
Salad Pineapple Rs.145 Rs.275
Chicken Pasta   Rs.275
Beef Lasagna   Rs.275
Panel 7
Panel 8







Address: Ibrahim Residency, Sharfabad, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-34120031
Fax: +92-21-34135354
UAN: +92-21-111 022 022

Address: Amir Complex, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-34029605

North Nazimabad
Address: Near Five Star Chowrangi Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-36721781
Karachi Club
Address: Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: +92-21-35662662
Jinnah International Airport
Address: Domestic Departure & Arrival.
Phone: +92-21-34604855


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